Introducing Your Brain on Art: Collaborative Creative Process

As part of our Brain on Art series of projects, we will have our first public neural-data collection session from a collaborative creative process. The event will be hosted at Blaffer Art Museum, Houston TX, on Tuesday October 13, 6:30pm.

University of Houston’s Laboratory for Noninvasive Brain-Machine Interface Systems partnered with Blaffer Art Museum in this scientific outreach / data collection / public performance event. This multidisciplinary collaboration aims to bridge the communication between artists, scientists, and the general public.

Visual artists Lily Cox-Richard, Jo Ann Fleischhauer, and Dario Robleto will engage in a variation of Exquisite Corpse, a collaborative creative game famously played by the Surrealists in the 1920s. Each artist will have 15 min to start creating an artwork, which consists of a head, torso, and legs. Except for a small portion, the piece will be covered and the artists will rotate to the next station to continue the others’ work until three artworks are completed.

While the artists are engaged in the creation of the collaborative artwork, their dynamic brain activity will be displayed along with the artworks that are being created.

Neural, video, and movement data will be collected simultaneously. The data will be used to study the neural patterns that arise during a collaborative, time-limited, live-audience, creative process. Additionally, the audience will have the opportunity to use portable EEG headsets as they experience the performance, providing the possibility to study the perception of art.

A discussion of the scientific significance of the research-Funded by NSF (#BCS 1533691)- will follow the performance.

The first set of artists, after the practice session.


Picture credit: Carlos Landa, UH Cullen College of Engineering

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